Risk, Anxiety and Fear in the Modern Society

What makes one feel fear and anxiety is very individual. One reacts differently due to current life situations or mood of the day, but also depending on what previous experiences they have. Even though there are many physical and emotional similarities between us, there are many nuances and individual biases one cannot judge nor anticipate. Hence, emotions and their effects are difficult to attack or alter. What I initially wished to achieve with this project was to change how the body perceives stress and fear in order to examine if this could be altered with simple methods. This wish has slightly changed though the process.


A part of the design process finished in the product seen above. This product uses a peltier element situated in between two fingers that changes temperature when current is pushed through it. I connected this element to an arduino and a pulse metre, in order for the peltier element to alternate temperature according to one’s heart rate. The element becomes hot on one side and at the same time cold on the other, as a reaction to ones increase of pulse. This would mean every time the pulse raises (when experiencing stress, anxiety or fear) the subject would get a physical response in form of a cold and hot sensation. Making the subject have a physical reaction to issues that often goes under the radar. One of the issues concerning stress, anxiety and fear is that they often go unnoticed. Situations we do not react to, or do not notice is impossible to alter.