Deadly Assumptions - Societal Constructs of Safety

In this section I have displayed my dissertation which can be accessed below. This report aims to challenge how design meets the feeling spectrum of discomfort. It raises questions concerning how the modern society constantly feeds our risk assessment system, fears and worries. Moving from how these emotions are expressed, as well how they arise and affect us, both emotionally and physically. The report continues to discuss issues concerning the tendencies of design to construct the world as safe and protected. It takes the reader through a discussion and interpretation of material objects as well as how individuals judge their surrounding environment. The problem for the project described is to explore un-certainties, protective measures and their consequence of a possibly “over-cautioned” mind-set occupying both national policy and individuals. The struggles of the young generation, with expressions such as anxiety coming from the need for self-fulfilment, the responsibility to create one’s own life, and the associate self-blame if one fails may be created as a repercussion of security, and the feeling of not being safe following a pre-set pathway and life course. I searched for whether one as individual can create a way to bypass and redirect these feelings of discomfort, or if one is simply trapped within a cage insecurities with no escape.

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