Jak Studio - Internship


During my internship at the architecture firm Jak Studio I got the opportunity to create models of their ongoing projects, which they have little time to do themselves. The first set of models is of a residential project, a converted garage. The real life model is a scaled version of this building, with both the opportunity to view it from outside as well as removing the brick wall and let the building open up. I designed the wall to function as a clip for holding it together when in the closed up mode. This brings an interactivity to the model, here the viewer can fully understand the underground level as well as the two floors above. The two other models of the same building are made in Rhinoceros and SketchUp. 

Model Section 10.jpg
Model Section 4.jpg

This model is of a roundabout, commercial showing structure in a very busy city. After pictures of this model was sent to the client the plans got approved and the project got confirmed to get built. Besides functioning as a point of showing commercials the structure is designed to be large air clearing filters throughout the central of the city.