Statement festival - Emmaus 


During the summer 2018 I did an internship at Emmaus Björkå (a second hand company working with clothes, furniture and smaller items). I got the opportunity to design and furnish the backstage area of the festival Statement. My supervisor, Anna Fors and I had the task to create 14 dressing rooms and a big lounge out of a 800 m2 space. Every aspect of this area was to be furnished and styled with items found in the second hand stores and storage within Emmaus. The space was to work as a conversation promoting, relaxing space for the artists as well as their tour members. Being a part of organising this event I learned how to project manage as well as how to create functional and attractive room sets. When all the items are found objects it is important to be creative in order to make the environment work as a whole. Many "ugly" items may look pretty and unified together. I got free range to source material as well as creating examples of room plans. In order to create a specific atmosphere and highlight the fun in each dressing room we decided to name them - and therefore theme them. The names ranged from "green room" to "the port palace" and "Grandmothers porch". 


We divided every part of the lounge in to separate units which would follow a theme. This brought out the characteristics of the items and created small, unified environments. 


All the dressing rooms are like the different parts of the lounge themed, but here also named in order to induce a specific character. We worked with exaggeration and humour as a tool to create an engaging environment.