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The Goldsmiths prize is a yearly award, established in 2013, to celebrate ground breaking fiction writing associated with the University. Samuel Warren and I were commissioned to create a collaborative design of the trophy for 2018 years award. Our contribution was seen as progressive, due to its unique material use, as well as the way of production compared to previous years. It was also praised for being well produced, especially considering the extremely short deadline this particular year. 

The Goldsmiths Literature Prize 2018

goldsmiths prize - FINAL EXPLODED DESIGN
goldsmiths prize - FINAL RENDERED DESIGN

The trophy is made using casting as primary technique. The mould was however made using a CNC router to shape polyurethane, followed by casting a negative in silicone. The trophy itself is made using iron powder, and aluminium powder as additives in order to both add weight and a polished finish to the final product.