Escaping The Everyday Life

”A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance.” (Stalinstaw, Lem)

The every day life with its mundane tasks and stress can seem very daunting. The same routines get repeated throughout life as a long circle of the same scene. This is the travel of a couple individuals' daily escape through an alternate reality. Short moments where they immerse with fictional characters in order to drift away for a few seconds. The viewer can follow an individuals short sequences of breaking free from these constraints. 


Exploring escape through fiction I was initially creating a fabricated route to challenge my every day travel. That lead me exploring how one can blend together, physically, with a fictional character. Finally, immersing in characters doing mundane tasks of the everyday day and escaping through famous movie scenes. Focusing in on the characters leaving boredom behind and highlighting those moments of personal expression and escapism in their every day life. 

Above is a booklet enabling individuals to escape using movements of "The Bride" in Kill Bill. 

Progress movies above and below produced during experimentation of the theme of Escape through fiction.