The Capitalisation of Sleep

Jonathan Crary writes in 24/7 “There are now very few significant interludes of human existence (with the colossal exception of sleep) that have not been penetrated and taken over as work time, consumption time, or marketing time.” (Crary, 2013, p15).


We have taken this idea of sleep, as the exception that capitalism has not yet interfered with in the creation of our new world. In this construct of a society sleeplessness is something to aspire to, and a turnover of traditional hierarchy has taken place. Now, people with little to no sleep due to sleeping disorders has gone from being an outsider to being the VIP. This also turns the world of fashion around from celebrating youthfulness and looking perky into the look of the tired mother of four children. Mirroring the idea of sleep as a threat towards society, those with natural deep bags under their eyes will be held as the golden boys or girls - the achievers. The others, without this natural tiredness look, or who is going against this “super human’ trend, will have to fight for their recognition, if at all this would be reachable. They have to start from the assumption of being lazy, and lack true goals or aspirations in their lives. So, in order to get some respect one will have to make the appearance of being exhausted. Our imagined world could be argued not being very far from our own just taken the consequences of the pressures of daily life to their extreme and visualise a future dystopia – a world that acknowledge the over-loaded pressures towards people and turn it to signs where sleeplessness is the fashion of the day.