Roman Road Market


Researching how people were engaging in and around the space in Roman Road Market gave us a clear idea of some issues around the site. We decided to focus on how the stall owners working situation looked like. They are standing all day, lack breaks, and do not have the time or space to socialise. After creating connections with the stall owners and the people moving around in the area we realised the uniqueness of this site was the friendly atmosphere and banter amongst them. 


Taking the lack of lunch break as well as the urge to spend time together into consideration, we decided to create a quick travelling lunch experience. An a la carte lunch experience would move along the street with the options of three different cuisines and table sets. The stall owners were able to make bookings with another person on the market. The whole experience was a five minute express lunch with full service including live musicians, waiters as well as two service staff protecting the visitor from rain/sun. The experience was very popular, the more the world spread and the the travelling table was seen the more people wanted to make bookings. 


I was one of the creative directors guiding this project along. I constructed the function of the table itself and built it together with another designer. Our scale model, a part of our research, was created from my vision of a projection of interviews casted onto a detailed white adaption of their specific stalls.