One Minute


My goal was to create something communicative, something that works with a space and highlights the room. Through a  period of experimentation thought light, patterns and shadows I created a completely closed off and blacked out immersive experience. The viewer would go into the space to experience a quiet room where a flashlight, controlled by a mirror ball motor, would spin around in the centre of the room for a minute. The light would hit a triangular structure of plastic strips and create refractions and shadows on the wall. These patterns that appeared would slowly bounce and there would be a tension built in the refractions, making it look like it was casted from an organic product. 


It was built to affect the viewers emotions, I wanted the viewer to be affected by the atmosphere and the space, but in what way did not matter that much.  I saw the piece as an experience, a world to step into for a minute or longer. A place to absorb and let the surroundings have an affect on you. I liked the feeling of people being able to move around in the space, I always envisioned it as surrounding the viewer. It turned out to be a very quiet, strong and calm experience.